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Chai Tech Solutions Ltd is a privately owned company located at heart of the Western Galilee in Tefen Industrial Park.
The company specializes in developing, planning and manufacturing precise machining, complex systems and parts assemblies for a variety of industries with high quality requirements.
Chai Tech Solutions Ltd provides services to the Aerospace, Military, Medical, Electronics, Electro-Optics and Communications industries as well as to Start-Up companies and private Entrepreneurs.
The Control and Assembly processes are done under a close Engineering supervision and with full cooperation with the customer.
Highly qualified, experienced, and reliable team of professionals, specializing in metal processing, that can provide the customers state of the art products in a short production time.

Qualifications and Standards:
The company is AS9100 C Aviation/Aerospace qualified.
We are qualified for: IAI Elta Systems Ltd., Elbit Systems, Israeli Military Industry, Israeli Weapons Industry, the Ministry of Defense, General Dynamics, Rafael. Bet Shemesh Engines and more.

Chai-Tech Solutions Ltd. specializes in machining Hard Metals (Vidia), Armor Steel and Titanium. Planning Forging Castings, Precision metal parts Machining, Planning and replacing technologies. Profitability analysis. Turnkey Projects Management.
Assemblies: Mechanical complexes, Electro-Mechanical complexes, Self-Clinching Fasteners assembly.
Castings: Planning, drawing and casting parts made of a variety of metals. Machining castings according to customers' requirements, drawings recovery capability, creating models using the Reverse Engineering Technology.
Machining: Mechanical and general machining of a variety of metals in our CNC center, Milling and Turning various sizes, Welding processes in a safe environment. We have the machinery and equipment for building mechanical devices.

The team:

The senior team at Chai Tech is highly qualified and experienced.


Yehuda Haim – CEO. With more than 25 years of experience in Managing Metal Production Plants.

Zeev Haim – Production and Operations Manager
  Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in Production Managing.
Ronen David – Engineering Department Manager
  Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience.
Gabi Majlin – Quality Control Manager 
Practical Mechanical Engineer with 33 years of experience in QA.
Vladimir shmuglin – Machining Production Line Manager.
Practical Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience.

This team, along with all the company employees are committed to quality, meeting delivery schedule and complying with the company commitments to the clients.

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Chai-Tech Solutions Ltd

Tefen Industrial Area
P.O.B 71
zip 24959

Tel: 972-4-9873779
Fax: 972-4-9873778


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